Steak of Origin Grand Champions

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  The cold, rainy, muddy weather is perfect for the cattle, but far from ideal for townies to venture out into. That isn’t the case for Jon Knauf and his daughter Lauren. The winners of the Steak of Origin Grand Champion Award who hail from Kerrah Simmentals, Tangiwai Station, Whakaki, thrive in this weather. The Land That Thrives The elements that would most likely scare off unwilling townies, is the same weather that Jon and his daughter love...

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Calf Rearing Biosecurity

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The dairy calving and mating season for 2018 is here, however, this year it’s marred by a something called Mycoplasma Bovis. To top it off, there have also been predictions about how this could affect the quality of dairy and beef calves in a negative way. Farmers fear for their livelihoods and remain uncertain about how to protect their farms from becoming another statistic. The Value in Quality Calves It has been reiterated by Mark Bocock who...

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Taking The Bull Out of Environmental Issues

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With environmental issues at the forefront of everybody’s minds, people in all industries are clamping down on how their business is making an impact. Reducing the environmental impact of farming is a topic of great interest. The bulls of the Taranaki breed are making waves in the agricultural industry where decreased nitrogen emissions are concerned. CRV – Genetic Improvements CRM Ambreed’s, the dairy company dedicated to the improvement...

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Casino Beef Week

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The Casino Beef Week provides Australian cattle breeders to put on display the finest specimens in the industry. It is a chance to showcase what the genetics of their cattle can produce. Only the best-of-the-best from Australia are put on the show for the world to judge. Prestige The cattle competition is a prestigious event with the award of the day finding the place of pride for many breeders. Australia is known for their production of the...

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Put Breeds Aside And Show The Hide

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Holstein Friesian, of the two clubs to also include the Jersey Cattle Clubs took to the usage of bowling, especially with indoor type, for some friendly sparring. A discussion by John Ellis and his equally enthusiastic partner and fellow breeder, Phil Rye preceded the game. While discussions are largely hotly debated, this time around it became an opportunity to create something momentous. A One Time Affair The event originated in the 1990’s...

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