Related imageThe Casino Beef Week provides Australian cattle breeders to put on display the finest specimens in the industry. It is a chance to showcase what the genetics of their cattle can produce. Only the best-of-the-best from Australia are put on the show for the world to judge.


The cattle competition is a prestigious event with the award of the day finding the place of pride for many breeders. Australia is known for their production of the finest beef and this particular competition is a chance to solidify their place both nationally and internationally. Cattle breeding in order to produce top-quality specimens takes careful planning, preparation and paring of only the finest studs and steers.

Competition Categories

The two featured categories are the “hook and hoof” steer competition and the “stud beef cattle” competition. Casino Beef Week Saturday is the occasion for the main events. Steers are also judged on the main Saturday, however, they are then prepared for a further event the following Saturday. The carcass results presentation is the secondary competition which is equally as prestigious.

Bayer Animal Health Award

The Bayer Animal Health High Point Achiever Award is presented as a way of encouraging and rewarding seed stock beef producers. It is decided among those who have supported and participated in Group One Agricultural Shows throughout the year of which the Casino Beef Week is only one of them. The first prize of $1000 is up for grabs, a second of $500 and a third of $250.

Beef and cattle farming is an enormous part of the industry in Australia. They are well-renowned for the grade of beef they supply. Great care is taken by cattle breeding farmers to maintain high standards. Competitions like Casino Beef Week blackjack, sponsored by a live casino, seek to provide an incentive to keep standards high and to reward those who have given the industry their best.