Image result for Battle For The CattleWhile it is quite odd to think of cattle and casinos in the same situation, there is a connection that is quite obscure, but it is there. New Zealand has a number of renowned casino resorts at the disposal of the population. The perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and perhaps win a few dollars. If you think about the immense cattle farming that dominates the agricultural sector in the region and the work involved in the process, a bit of time off enjoying a spot of entertainment at the casino is a welcome release.

Indirect Sponsorship

While it is difficult to pinpoint any casinos that directly sponsor cattle breeding, there is an indirect connection of sorts. Cattle breeders take time out to relax in the comfort of the casino environment and yes, at times they do win money, and sometimes large amounts. The money generated is ploughed back into their breeding projects.

Time Out From Steers and Studs

Cattle breeding is a strenuous business that requires a tremendous amount of forethought, planning and manual labour. Long hours are spent pairing the perfect mates to ensure the gene pool produces only the finest-quality cattle. Everybody needs time to kick back and take their minds off work and enjoying some casual entertainment, even Ruby Fortune, is probably the most relaxing. Taking in the sights and sounds of a casino is worlds apart from the agricultural scene that greets breeders on a daily basis. As the saying goes, change is as good as a holiday. A relaxed and rejuvenated mind often helps you focus more clearly on the job at hand.

Strange as it may seem, casinos are sponsors of cattle breeding in New Zealand in a number of ways, however, they are not as easy to decipher as you would think. Don’t be too quick to completely separate the two from one another.