Image result for Run RampantAnimal rights and the welfare of animals in the cattle industry are of grave importance. Humane treatment is a right deserved by all the animals, regardless of whether they will be slaughtered for beef or are purely milk providers. It has become an extremely sensitive topic of late with one Northland Dairy Farm at the centre of allegations of a disturbing nature.

Gunning For Blood

Animal rights investigators are gunning for blood, and not that of the cattle who have been wrongly treated. A dairy farm in Northland has come under the spotlight after reports of animal cruelty and inhumane activities began to whisper on the wind. A first hidden camera video showed disturbing images of cattle being beaten with steel poles while being verbally abused. Those images not even blurred, a second video has emerged. The second video reveals a shocking scene, carcasses of hundreds of cattle left to decompose in a pit.

SAFE Takes A Jab At MPI

Animal right group SAFE is concerned at how the cases have been handled by MPI. Many of the cattle left to rot have evidently had their throats slit. This is an illegal activity unless the cattle were stunned at the time, however, there is no way of proving that at this stage. Mr Kriek of the SAFE organization has stated that he is concerned at the lack of interest shown by MPI. He claims that had they investigated the pit when allegations of animal abuse first made the rounds, there is a possibility that any wrongdoing or foul play could have been pinpointed at that time. He is shocked that the case didn’t even warrant an on-site look.

While SAFE is on a mission to have the ministry stripped of its responsibilities relating to animal welfare, MPI has since been to the scene of the crime but are unable to comment on an open investigation.