Image result for Cow Breeding Cycles After CalvingThe breeding process of a cow is not as simple as you would think. It requires knowledge of the carving cycle and when and how to dry your cow off. Cows gestate their young for approximately nine months, much the same as the human gestation cycle. It is quite easy and normal for a cow to calf at least once a year.

Breeding The Cow Back

Once a cow has calved, they begin to lactate. A normal reaction to giving birth which allows the cow to feed her young. It is vital to milk the cow twice daily during the following 10 month period in order to keep her milk supply at a maximum. It is ideal to expect your cow to calf again within twelve months, however, in order to achieve these results, there is a process to be followed.

Calving Interval

Sixty days are required for the cow to fully recover from the calving experience. Milking the cow for ten months from when it conceives is the procedure most often used. That is to say that for the nine-month gestation and one month after calving, the cow is milked twice a day. The last two months or sixty days of the twelve month period the cow is to be left to rest. This two month period is all it takes for a full recovery in preparation for the next gestation. It allows the body to develop stamina and overall good health which is required during the calving process. During this sixty days, you should notice that the cow is eating well and producing a substantial supply of milk.

While you can breed your cow back during the first heat after calving, it isn’t recommended. The period is too short a span for the cow to recover completely from the experience of giving birth.