Image result for How To Tell If A Cow Is PregnantWhen in the cattle rearing business, there are three things that a farmer strives for on any given day. The first thing is to increase meat production and quality. The second thing is to increase milk production and quality. Thirdly, the farmer strives to increase the herd of cattle. It is the latter that this article focuses on. To know if your herd is about to increase, you can look for the following signs that will inform you if any of your cows are pregnant.

Oestrus Detection

To detect if your cow has conceived, you can check your cow for oestrus (signs of heat). It’s believed that the cow starts to show signs of heat after at least 21 days from conception. If your cow does not move back to oestrus following the end of its previous cycle, the probability is that your cow may be pregnant. It’s difficult however for most farmers, especially those starting, out to notice signs of heat. Thus, they can rely on physical signs. Physical signs shown by a cow that has signs of heat include a willingness to be mounted, swollen vulva, mucus production from the vagina and tail chalking.

Plasma Progesterone

Farmers can also detect if their cow is pregnant by taking a sample of Plasma Progesterone (milk) after a period of 21 days following artificial insemination. Once the farmer collects the milk sample, the next step is to check for the concentration of progesterone. If the milk sample has a high concentration of progesterone, then the probability is that your cow is pregnant.


To detect pregnancy using Ultrasonography, the farmer needs to insert an ultrasound probe in the uterus through the rectum. Once inserted, the ultrasound probe produces an electrical signal. The signal is then transmitted to a monitor where if pregnant, the embryo is displayed on the monitor.