Holstein Friesian, of the two clubs to also include the Jersey Cattle Clubs took to the usage of bowling, especially with indoor type, for some friendly sparring. A discussion by John Ellis and his equally enthusiastic partner and fellow breeder, Phil Rye preceded the game. While discussions are largely hotly debated, this time around it became an opportunity to create something momentous.

A One Time Affair

The event originated in the 1990’s and while the event was meant to only happen once, it snowballed into becoming a yearly event. The competition is held between the alternating locations of Mangapiko and Te Kawa. The event is scheduled for May each year. The winner walks away with a trophy and gloating rights, although the gloating rights are what is most sought after. The competitors take the competition seriously, however, it is all in the name of having a good time and enjoying the fun on the day.

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This year marks 25 years of the event. The occasion was celebrated with the baking of an exclusive cake. The honour of making the first cut was presented to the originators of the event. The competition has come far when considering how it started and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in the near future. This event is exactly what the industry needs for breeders to keep a sane mind and clear head during business hours.

The event is the one time where breeders put their opinions and differences aside. It is a time of friendship, sportsmanship and heaps of fun for all. Cattle breeding is a difficult and taxing business and competition within the industry is extremely strong. The fact that these men can lay their weapons aside, even for one day, and share time together displaying camaraderie as they do is simply marvellous. Who would have thought it would have gone this far?