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The cold, rainy, muddy weather is perfect for the cattle, but far from ideal for townies to venture out into. That isn’t the case for Jon Knauf and his daughter Lauren. The winners of the Steak of Origin Grand Champion Award who hail from Kerrah Simmentals, Tangiwai Station, Whakaki, thrive in this weather.

The Land That Thrives

The elements that would most likely scare off unwilling townies, is the same weather that Jon and his daughter love to venture out in. They would endure even the wettest, coldest day just to catch a glimpse of the weaner cattle in their paddock. It is these exact conditions that have allowed the farm to produce the highest-quality steaks throughout the country. Chefs and other judges have firmly agreed.

Steak Lovers

Beef cattle breeder themselves, it isn’t any wonder that they love their steak too. Both of them prefer it medium rare, however, Jon is more of a potato and veg man than the egg and chips variety.

The Irony Of It All

Just over two weeks ago, Jon and his mother, Colleen were named PGG Wrightson Steak of Origin Grand Championship at the National Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek. He, however, missed this momentous occasion through the exact same weather that allows their cattle to thrive. The road was closed due to bad weather and when it did finally reopen it was already too late to attend. He gave his mom the moment of glory as she was already at Mystery Creek. Triumph well-earned by the women who stood by her husband in the business since 1994. He has since passed, however, his memory lives on.

Any way you look at it, these two, plus the new addition of Jon’s daughter, Lauren, are going for gold where their cattle are concerned and reaping the tasty reward in the beef produced.