Image result for Taste The Beefy GoodnessAlong with Australia, New Zealand is renowned for the quality of beef produced in the area. The predominantly agricultural country is the perfect location for breeding cattle. The ability to rear grass fed, free range cattle is what enhances the quality of the meat produced.

Casino Restaurants

Strangely enough, a link between cattle breeding and casinos is evident. Most of the gambling establishments do provide restaurant facilities for their patrons. On a monthly basis, casinos draw in crowds by the thousands from all corners of the world. Tourists frequent the venues as part of their vacation downtime and in a bid to test Lady Luck. Dining at a restaurant goes without saying, as long hours are spent performing the appetite inducing work of trolling through tables and slots. The beef dishes served in New Zealand casinos feature the homegrown, high-quality beef that has the world talking. Supporting the local cattle breeders through the purchase of their finished products can definitely be considered a sponsorship of sorts.

Promotional Times

Casinos rely considerably on advertising and promotions, seen in the portrayal of games like River Belle, to rake in the crowds. By using promotional gimmicks to draw attention to the food they have to offer, they have seen an increase in their overall turnover. In doing that, they are raising awareness about the New Zealand cattle breeding and beef. Many foreigners are already aware of the tasty beef from the area, and by using terms relating to the local beef when presenting their menus, they inadvertently attract a niche group of consumers which may otherwise have gone elsewhere.

Casinos and cattle breeding are on completely different sides of the spectrum, however, they are closely tied. The connection may sometimes evade you, but look a little deeper and discover how New Zealand casinos support cattle breeding, and how it benefits the casinos in the long-term. A delicate connection that provides a win-win situation all around.